Flesh & Blood

this is my father.
his name is Nor Azman Bin Yusop.
he's in his late 40's (*but he still 20 to me!)
happy-go-lucky and loving, sometimes annoying.
he's the most sporting man in the world.
he is my PAPA, the best in the world! :D

this one is my mother.
she was named Siti Aslind Binti Aris by atok & wan.
aged late 30's but, but, but --> (*psst, she look 20 does'nt she? :D)
she is loving & caring yet sometimes, she can be a "lioness" ;D
but whatever she is, she's the best of the best!
she's my IBU, the strongest woman in the world! :D

this is my older brother,
his name? Qayyum Aiman.
aged early 20's HAHA but (*looks 30 doesn't he?)
big, brawny, a bit tall, caring but not so loving.
no matter what people say, he's the COOLEST!
he's my BRO, the coolest brother in the world! :D

this is my little sister,
she is named Iman Nabilah.
aged in he teenage phase (*she's COMPLICATED!)
she is essentric sometimes, always excited energetic 
but she's loveable. she my little GEMOK! :D
she's my lil' SIS, the most gorgoues lady in the world! :D

this is my little brother,
Muhd Irfan Nabil is his name.
aged lets just say still young (*cool as always)
he's a quick-learner, smart & intelligent.
yet somehow can be annoying. :)
he's my  lil' BRO, the smartest kid in the world! :D

this is my 2nd little sister,
named Iman Nayli Sofia.
aged still young as well. (*super-smart!)
she's catching-fast bout life, genius
and always fighting with Irfan HAHA . :D
she's my lil' 2nd SIS, my princess of the family!

last but not least,
Muhd Yusof Umar,
he's the young-set in the family (*super-genius!)
he's the littlest brother but he can be monster sometimes,
 but he is a genius. he can handle a computer all by 
himself and loves karoeke as well just like my dad n the whole family.
he's my littlest BRO, the annoying but yet awesomest in the family! :D