Foster the Sibs


this is Kak Shafira
- loving (*giler!)
- hyper-super caring
- my source of motivation in life!
haha this one here is Kak Sha i call her, she's my sister well
cause errrr, my brother's ex but i still take her as my sister,
she's always there when i need her or to be exact when i'm
crying or in need of a motivation. she's got this mother-like
words that'll make u so WOW and back up again, she's
amazing in a way and i felt this chemistry with her, she like
music, blogging, and she's so cool! she's awesome!
check out her blog -->


this is Khairiny, my 1st young sis :)
- photogenic
- caring :)
- loving & loveable
lets see if i can remember right, i met her at the Music room
at school. she was accompanying her friend to meet her boyfriend
which was my bestfriend. she was my junior & we kind of got
this "chemistry" so we're fosters since then. she really is
a great sis, caring, and loving too :) but whatever it is,
I LOVE U, adiq Riny ! XOXO

this is Baity, the newest member :)
- really sweet little adix :)
- blogger too just like me
- love to snap just like me
met her via facebook, Cik Eyka Dania add me to this group
called owner blogger so thats where i met this sweet little
lady here :) she's really sweet & loving if u ask me.
even tough i just met her, i'm starting to like her :)
I LOVE U, adix Baity ! XOXO

ok see this cutie? her name is Syamim.
- she's really cute
- live so far away
- a blogger too like me
met her also via Facebook, same like Baity. we chat a few times
private & at group chat too. oh forgot to mention, she's in the same
group with me, blogger terhebad~! she also got a really cool blog.
she kinda friendly & loveable you know. i really adore her :)
check out her blog -->
I LOVE U, adik Mym ! XOXO