Bout ME

if you've ever wanted to know about me,
here is 25 thing the most important thing about
  1. full named, Danial Aiman Bin Nor Azman *nice name kan? :D
  2. nicknamed, danny or chito or kecik or babong or Bieber
  3. borned on the 12th of November 1992 at exactly 4.13pm
  4. borned in the Tawakal Professional Centre in Kuala Lumpur
  5.  i ain't tall but i ain't short either, just average :D
  6. i'm small but GI-NORMOUS inside! *really!
  7. i'm shy but really FRIENDLY! *i do!
  8. i'm quiet but TALKS A LOT! *i'm not lying!
  9. i'm an open-minded person and i love to socialise!
  10. i'm a loving+loveable person, quite caring, sensitive, and humble.
  11. love mainly Kenny Roger's Roaster & Papa John's as well!
  12. love Coke, Revive, Ice Milo, Horlicks & Barbican+LongChan.
  13. love shirt-based styled, Wild Channel & Tropicana Life attire
  14. addicted to MUSIC! its the food for my soul & my 'bestfren'
  15. addicted to BLOG-ging! its my diary, my expression, my LIFE!
  16. addicted to GADGETS, especially products from Sony & Apple
  17. favourite HOT-spot, Maju Ahmad, Pavilion and Time Square!
  18. hate vegetables *yuck!, and hot-brewed coffee! 
  19. hate hardcore, metal & sebagainya kind of music! grrr.. 
  20. hate hardcore-snobby, bossy-freak, critics-craver, and bully-lover kind of frens! 
  21. "NO matter what, U are PERFECT cause that's what make U, YOU!"
  22. when i want to sleep, a lullaby is a MUST! *so childish i am!
  23. when having meal and grub, my head is all on its pleasure! :D
  24. when i'm having fun, please don't stop me or else...
  25. FAMILY 1st no matter what, my way of life. *NO exception!